Running is a simple, effective form of exercise that allows you to throw on your trainers and head out the door for some fresh air and headspace. As a Mum, this is often the easiest way to fit some exercise in. However, after child birth the body requires some preparation to get you ready for pounding the pavement. Women often experience leaks, heaviness in the pelvic floor when they attempt their first run. The joints may feel unstable leading to pain or injury.

We wanted to create a course that prepares your body for the impact of running to minimise the risk of injury and to keep you leak free. Over 5 weeks you will be given progressive exercises to build strength, learn how to activate the pelvic floor effectively and co-ordinate the breath, increasing impact gradually. You will have exercises to work on during the week so by the end of the course you will be ready for a couch to 5k programme.

Steps to become Run Ready:

The cost for the 5 week run course is £75

Want an MOT first?

We are teamed up with Women’s Health Physios Emily Nellist and Clare Pacey. Book in for a 1 hour comprehensive MOT to assess your pelvic floor, alignment, breathing patterns and response to impact. This assessment will then be shared with your run coach Noemie Ram so they have a clear picture of which training programme your body needs to enable you to become run ready. If you would like to arrange this, please email them directly.

Run Ready