15th August 2016

Most of us usually think of the postnatal period as the first few weeks and months after having a baby.

Maybe it might stretch as far as the end of maternity leave but at that point we begin to ease back into some of our pre-baby activities and we stop thinking of ourselves as ‘postnatal’.

But should we? Aren’t we actually, always postnatal?

We know (trust, us we know) there comes a time when you just don’t want to be in that ‘baby’ phase any longer. You’re ready to get back to something resembling the pre-baby you and not constantly be referring to the fact you’ve ‘recently had a baby’ – but hear us out for a minute.

If you’ve barely done any exercise since you had your little one, then it be might a really positive thing to approach fitness from a postnatal point of view – regardless of whether you gave birth one, two or more years ago.

Although you will have recovered considerably from your baby’s birth, you may well have lingering physical issues that could cause you injury if you launch into a new workout programme without knowing if you’re fully healed. It doesn’t matter how long ago you brought your baby into the world, we bet that your core and pelvic floor will thank you for some restoration.


Life is busy and tiring and although you may have got back to a normal routine your body might be weaker than you remember. You might ache more and put it down to the demands of a hectic lifestyle. That may well be adding to the strain, but your body is still in need of a restore phase.

So, when approaching exercise, finding a postnatal class that will help you strengthen your core, pelvic floor and correct posture is absolutely fine, even if your baby was not born very recently.

And it’s not just exercise that might make you question if your still postnatal.

Nutrition, or rather lack of it, can be an issue for mums. We know you’re all over it when it comes to your babies, but your needs drop to the bottom of the list.

So, while you’ve helped your baby get to 12 months on a top notch diet – you might well have gotten yourself there on coffee, sugar, quick fix meals and wine!

So perhaps now – even a year or more on – whenever that moment comes for you – is the time to think of yourself as postnatal in nutrition terms and replenish your body. You might simply ask yourself ‘what am I lacking because I don’t find the time to feed myself properly?’ Or you might need to shake up your recipe list and find new ways to feed yourself quickly and nutritiously. Just learning a couple of new simple meals could help boost your mind and body after years of unintentional neglect.


Being postnatal goes on for a long time. Having a baby affects us in so many ways, that no matter how kick-ass we are, we never fully go back to the woman we were before we became a mum. We become a whole new person, so perhaps it’s not about saying ‘what do I need in this postnatal period’ and more about continuously asking ‘how can I look after myself as a woman who is also now a really amazing (and extremely busy) mum?

Our September 16th event might help…

Move well, eat well flyer

Move well, eat well is all about teaching new mums how to those two things after having a baby. Jelly Belly PT founder Kellie Moore will be giving a post-natal exercise masterclass and then Sam woodhouse aka Divine and Delicious will be guiding us through some easy, nutritious meals to cook at home when you’re busy with baby – which you’ll get to sit down and eat afterwards. There’ll be a goody bag and babysitters at the event if you need to bring your little one along. More info and tickets here.




Why the postnatal period can last longer than you think - Jelly Belly PT