16th February 2017

Are you a bit of a commitment phobe? It’s cool if you are, you’re in good company.

Committing to a fitness routine or regular class can feel a bit, well, meh.

Maybe you feel like you’d be a bit trapped, maybe you feel like you won’t fit in, perhaps you’re worried you’ll get bored.

But here’s the thing. Have you ever noticed how easily we talk ourselves out of something like signing up to fitness classes? We immediately think about all the reasons it might not work out for us, before we even give it go!

We let the fear of something new or unknown take over, we let the doubts shout loudest and so we shy away. And then, that same old thing happens – we drift….we tell ourselves we’re going to make those steps towards the change we want to see but we don’t commit to them and the change never really materialises.

We’re our own worst enemies sometimes but there are lots of understandable reasons why. As mums, or mums-to-be we are busy and tired. We’ve never ever been so busy or so tired.

There’s a lot to pack in, so of course the idea of squeezing something else in sets of those warning lights. Do something ELSE on a Tuesday? Woah there…unless Tuesdays just became 5 hours longer, it’s never going to happen, right?

But it’s a commitment to you, yourself and your goals that will see you finally hitting them. Consistency is often the key to achievement, because, you know, slow and steady wins the race and all that. It’s absolutely true. You can go hell for leather at something for 4 weeks, but then burn out and decide you can’t make it for the following 4 and those results slip away again. So, the more you think about it, maybe there is a day that you can fit in a little time for yourself – because if not, what’s the alternative? Let’s not go there.

Why be so scared of something of that will see you travelling closer and closer to the permanent change you want to see? Take a deep breathe, sign up and say  ‘I am committed’.

Something still nagging at you? It could be that feeling, deep down, that signing up to an exercise course will be hard work and we have way too much of that in our lives.

Well, it’s all about switching the mind set because, we have to face it and accept we’re letting those immediate barriers spring up rather than giving something a go.

Yes, exercise is hard work but you’ll soon feel fitter and stronger and you’ll begin to fall in love with the feeling of being fit and crave the buzz that that hard work gives you. You’ll never get to that point though, if you don’t start.

There are so many benefits to starting an exercise class, not least getting expert advice and seeing the friendly face of the instructor is thrilled to see you week after week and really cares about helping to feel better. Our instructors do not want to punish you for an hour – they want to see you smiling and having fun – all while you sweat, of course.

If you’re a new mum, a class really is a good place to meet like minded women. Exercise classes are a bit different to baby classes in that you’re there for you and not for baby, so there’s more of a chance of meeting women who have the same sorts of interests as you do. If you’re not so new to the mum game then signing up to class is the perfect way to reconnect with friends you don’t have so much time for these days. Deciding to go along together and work towards your goals as a team will help rekindle that bond and make you accountable to each other.

Ultimately, acknowledging that you deserve a little slot of time, however small and using that time in a consistent way will mean you finally see a difference. And that difference can be anything you want it to be – whether you’re looking to lose inches or shake off the blues – moving your body means moving yourself to a healthier, happy place. We’ll see you there!




Why making a commitment to classes could unlock your fitness potential - Jelly Belly PT