19th January 2017

Exercise, or at least paying for it, can sometimes feel like a luxury.

Of course, there are are always things that might be more important, especially when money is tight. But if you’re thinking about paying out in a bid to get fit then there’s a good chance that spending some of your hard earned cash on a professional who understands your body and can really help you hit your goals, will actually save you money in the long term. That’s particularly true if you are looking at pre or post-natal exercise options.

Here’s just a few reasons why:

Pregnancy and birth affects everyone in a different way

This means there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to fitness when it comes to maintaining when you have a bump or restoring after baby. You might well have very specific issues that need the guidance of a trainer. You are dealing with your health so it’s really worth seeing someone who is qualified to ensure that the exercise you undertake will aid your recovery, will not exasperate any existing problems and is safe for you and the stage you are at. If you are not satisfied with your 6 week post-natal check and feel you have some ongoing issues, we really recommend a visit to a women’s health physio who can thoroughly check how your body has fared. After that, a specialist trainer can work with you to address any problems that have been picked up and will compliment the specific advice that has been prescribed to you.

You’re much more likely to stick at it

A personal trainer is your mentor. She is as invested in you, as you are and you will become a team, working towards the same goal. If you’re unsure about how to achieve your goals, whether they are to feel stronger, lose weight or feel less tired, you will constantly question whether what you’re doing is right and that can lead to you giving up.

Having a trainer gives you the confidence to feel you can succeed. Someone who specialises in helping women move forward in their fitness goals whilst also dealing with strains of pregnancy and or motherhood can help create a pathway towards your end goal, that you can follow step by step, even if those steps are really small ones.

A personal trainer will work around you

You might love that particular class at the gym you’ve signed up for, but it doesn’t really work for you on the time and day its scheduled. You’ll struggle along when you can, but more often that not it becomes too much like hard work. You end up paying out for something you are not using. We have all done it. You need your fitness routine to work for you, you certainly shouldn’t have to be working doubly hard to make someone else’s routine fit your life. Your trainer wants your sessions to be as perfect for you as possible and can help make sure this is always the case. The one hour a week you have spare might be quite an obscure one but a trainer understands that and will always try to fit around you, not have you fit around her – that’s not how it works!

A specialist trainer understands how you feel

Pre and post natal training comes with a whole lot of baggage. Exercising when pregnant can be worrisome if you are unsure what you can and can’t do. If you’re relatively fit, you can most likely continue with all the activities you did before – but that doesn’t mean that your regular class leader gets it if you’re worried or you’re teary or your back aches. A specialist pre natal trainer understands that this is a funny old time in your life and will guide you to help you feel empowered about working out with bump. A good one will really enhance your pregnancy experience.

postnatally our bodies can be a source of emotion. Women often feel different in a way they can’t explain, our body shape may have changed, we may have pelvic floor weakness and be worried about that. We might be extremely tired. Understanding all of those issues is part of a post-natal trainer’s job. This can be a delicate time of your life when you need expert help and advice and crucial reassurance.

A specialist personal trainer is an extension of your maternity care

And we wish we they came on prescription! Seriously – when you become pregnant you want to look after your body. It has a big job to do and it’s going to need all the help it can get! We always say it, but you wouldn’t run a marathon without doing the training and that’s kind of how we feel about heading into pregnancy and labour. Think of your pre natal trainer as part of your maternity care team.

After you’ve had the baby, of course you have professionals on hand to make sure you heal well and whom you can go to if you feel anything is amiss. But a post-natal trainer is worth her weight in gold when it comes to ensuring that any fitness routine you embark on is right for your stage of recovery. She will check the areas commonly associated with post pregnancy and birth areas and make sure that you move forward in your recovery and don’t take steps backwards because you were unaware of areas that needed a bit of extra TLC. Your body has done something really special and it deserves special treatment in return.

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