29th September 2016

We’ve been talking lots about real bodies, real goals and real results over the last week.

We’re all different, we all want to achieve different things and we all have differing lifestyles which mean we have to think a little more about how to hit our goals successfully.

When it comes to achieving Real Results, we can sometimes fall short because we give ourselves an unrealistic idea of what they should be. Then we simply give up when we don’t achieve them – which is basically us being really hard on ourselves.

Last week we blogged about the pressure from social media. Because we are bombarded with images of perfect bodies constantly, we might decide that having a ‘perfect body’ is the result we’re looking for. But those types of bodies are unrealistic for many of us. We’re certainly not saying they’re impossible. But, just remember that the superbods you see on Instagram are probably working out for a living! They do it as a full time job OR they have the time and the money to employ nannies, nutritionists and an army of trainers.


If all the above doesn’t sound like you, then you’re being pretty tough on yourself if you want to fit in a grueling training regime around all the other full time jobs you have.

So what do real results mean to you? And should you actually be breaking them down into what would be realistic results? That way, you take baby steps and you keep at it and lo and behold you actually see those results. And trust us, as soon as you begin to see them and realise that your effort is paying off, then they start to come thick and fast.


So how do you go about choosing, or identifying what your real results could be? Sometimes it’s best to not think about the big dream but look more closely to home – think about the things you could change about your body or your mind to help you see real results on a day-to-day level – results that would actually change your life.

So, for example maybe your first real result, might be to feel more energised? If you’re fed up of feeling tired and lacking get up and go, give yourself a period of time to address this. Look at your nutrition and decide that whatever exercise you do, it is simply to help you feel less knackered and isn’t about trying to get a six pack!

If you have backache or issues relating to your pelvic floor  – why not make addressing these part of your real results? Focus on one thing at a time – so a programme of exercises that is all about strengthening your core and pelvic floor. As you begin to feel this strength building, you’ll hopefully start to feel better and feel more positive about achieving other results as time goes on.


If you want to lose weight, choose a target and try to agree it with a professional who can be honest with you about how long and how much work it will take. Then, break that weight loss down into small, manageable amounts. Those amounts will be realistic results which will help keep you on track.

Results come in all guises, especially for us mums. Frankly, for most of us, getting half an hour to ourselves is a result, so why not make that an achievable and enjoyable real result for you. That way, you can see your exercise class, even if it’s just one a week, as time that is just for you and voila! Your result is gained- whether you attend the gym, go for a walk or sign up for something new.


We began this conversation last week in a bid to remind us all that social media can sometimes present us with a warped view of the way we should look, feel and live our lives. We can begin to demand results of ourselves that are simply out of our grasp just now and then feel very negative about ourselves because we are unable to achieve what others seem to be able to, very easily. But that’s not real life. Take time to think about what is real for you and you’ll hopefully start seeing results that that really mean something.

Whatever it is you’d like to achieve, please do drop us a message if you think we could help you.







What does 'real results' mean to you? - Jelly Belly PT