4th November 2016

Wondering when your body will bounce back? Aren’t we all? Groan.

These bods of ours are all amazingly varied and that’s what makes us us. If we all bounced back then, well, we’d be robots and the world would be a cold scary place.

So is ‘bouncing back’ just a myth? Well, a few of us might be back to our pre baby weight or shape relatively quickly but the truth is that there are so many variables and we are all so gloriously different that, for most of us it probably is a myth.

We get that it’s really frustrating though. Of course, we will always recommend taking things very slowly and embracing your very hard earned new body. Allow it time to take stock, fix itself and find its way back. But we understand that after 9 months of feeling rather large and incapacitated, there comes a time when you just want to feel like ‘you’ again and having the body that you’re used to having is a large part of that mental process. So as much as people, including us at Jelly Belly PT, will tell you to take your time and that there is absolutely no rush, it’s still OK to want to improve your body.

Let’s talk about all the things that will affect how your body reacts post birth. Lots of things have an impact on how it looks and feels including pre pregnancy weight, how your posture has been affected, the kind of delivery you had, diet, the amount of sleep you’re getting (you know, like, zero or minus zero), how much support you have, your genetics and basically the intricate individuality and delicate balance of your body and how it responds. So, we hope that nobody will ever beat themselves up for not ‘bouncing back’ because it just doesn’t really happen that way.

The best thing you can do is make a promise to simply look after your new body and help repair the areas that pregnancy and new mum hood has affected.


It’s also really good to remember that you are not alone. Feeling frustrated about your body in the first year or two (or more) after becoming a mum is really common. You’ll know from chatting to friends and other mums that pretty much everyone feels the same. Take a deep breath, remind yourself to enjoy the things you are happy about and that in time and with patience your body will feel like yours again. It just needs time and a little further down the line a bit of discipline (if you have some goals you’d like to achieve) and at some point possibly a bit of both, but there’s always a way, there’s always an answer.

And, don’t forget that sometimes the answer to figuring out how to heal your post baby body is to find out what exactly is broken. You might be going to the gym or specific classes and eating well, cutting out the rubbish and generally feel that you’re looking after yourself and yet seem to be struggling when it comes to results. There’s a chance that your body has some lingering post birth issues that need addressing, such as tummy muscle separation, so it’s really worth getting checked out and giving your body the once over by a professional who can help you set the right goals.

One last thing – ask for help. If you’re down about your body and want to feel fitter, stronger and healthier but don’t know how to achieve it, just know that it’s absolutely normal to not have the answers to everything but there is someone who can help and advise, be it your health visitor, a GP, or a personal trainer. You will get there and sometimes it’s nice to get there with the help of others along the way.

Why it's time to stop waiting for your body to 'bounce back'