10th November 2016

This is the main time of year when fitness motivation really starts to wobble.

Pretty much everyone feels the same but you can keep active in autumn and winter in ways that don’t feel too taxing.

Often, being stuck in a rut of routine or feeling that you are no longer achieving are real persuaders when it comes to giving fitness the boot.

You’re fed up of doing the same old things, or you feel you’ve achieved nothing new lately so what’s the point? Sometimes people cling to the same activities because they think ‘but I’ve worked so hard at this for 6 months so I shouldn’t stop now’. Well, don’t stop moving, but of course you can change the way you do it. As long as you stay active and keep up your fitness levels, you can return to your old activity once you’ve had a little break.

But how do you change things up without it being a real effort? Maybe you don’t want to find a new sport or class, you don’t want to switch your fitness days around, you don’t want to have to build up proficiency in something new or you just don’t want to think that hard about it.

So, how about setting yourself easy challenges to tick off your list each day? If you actually write them down and physically see them ticked off by the end of each week, you’ll feel a real sense of achievement which should in turn help to keep your motivation up.


The rule little and often can apply to most things and fitness is no exception.

We’re talking about activities you can easily fit around your day and can even be quite fun!

Ideas include, deciding to run with the buggy to the end of the street or a designated spot, a few times a day.

Running up the stairs a set amount of times in your day, racing the kids to and from school (or at least a bit of the way!), Going for a walk with the buggy or toddlers but telling yourself you’ll do three laps of the park. You could ¬†download a mapping tool such as Map My Run, map out a route to walk in your area and go for it – a power walk if it’s just you and baby in the buggy or a bit slower if you have older ones with you.


Other ideas include making plans to sign up a friend to your regular fitness class (maybe with the option for lunch after!). Taking along someone new will help keep your class fresh for you and do them a favour too.


Your mini challenges can relate to nutrition goals too, such as making a decision to try a new recipe from scratch, to simply finding a new breakfast idea or choose something to snack on that you’ve never tried before.

Give yourself bite-sized challenges that don’t fill you with dread! Try to think of litt;e changes you could make that will add up by the end of the week. If you’ve been enjoying your afternoon biscuits a bit too much lately maybe challenge yourself to cut them out just one day this week and tick that challenge off your list at the end of the day. You might not miss them as much as you thought and that small change could soon become a permanent one.

Doing something, is better than nothing. So, setting yourself small goals when your motivation is super low is far better than quitting all together.

Another idea is to get yourself a resistance band and do some exercises while watching your favourite TV show, in your living room. How about chatting to us about an Anytime, Anywhere programme that you can dip in and out of? Or when you and the kids arrive home from school, keep your coats on for an extra 20 minutes and use a timer to challenge each other to do exercises or activities for 30 seconds or so each – think star jumps, running on the spot, and hop skipping and jumping, OR, if your pelvic floor is not in the best shape teach the kids arm dips, press ups from a table or wall, mountain climbers or just throw a ball around.

Just don’t stop moving and exercising all together this winter, take small steps if the big ones feel like too much of an effort.

And if you fancy working out on a Saturday morning come along to our brand NEW weekend Outdoor Class – Saturdays at 9am at the Court Lane gates of Dulwich Park.




Stay motivated in winter with mini daily fitness challenges