17th December 2016

One of the first things that goes out of the window when you become a new parent is cooking.

You and your partner are often so sleep deprived that you turn to quick fixes, takeaways and endless amounts of comfort food.

Of course that’s to be expected but the slight sticking point is that it’s a vicious circle. The more tired you are, the more your body craves the stuff that will only give you a temporary lift, then you slump, become even more tired and irritable and look forward to ordering wine and a curry all over again in the evening. And as much as you enjoy that food at the time, it’s not doing you many favours when it comes to your energy levels and your ability to repair your body.

So, what we all really need is a good helping hand in the kitchen in those first few weeks after baby comes along. Some of us will be lucky enough to have a close relative who can be around a lot, to cook and keep the healthy snacks coming. But, that’s not the reality for most of us and even if a good friend does cook for you, or your mother in law is a saint, it’s likely to only be the odd meal here and there.

We’re always trying to think of ways to best help mums. We care about getting new mothers (and fathers) off to the best possible start so we’ve teamed up with a fab nutrition company, Divine & Delicious, to launch a service that we think could really help ease the stress of the those first few weeks of parenthood and crucially, help you and your family to continue eating well at a time when there really are no spare hours for slaving away in the kitchen.

Our new Fridge and Freezer Fill service gives you the chance to have a stash of gorgeous, home cooked, balanced and nutritious meals ready and waiting for you in the freezer – meals to help you keep up your energy during the day (and the nights!). Alongside that, you’ll get personalised fitness advice and ten daily exercises to follow from Jelly Belly PT’s Kellie Moore, to help gently ease you back into movement and begin to be able to repair and restore your body after birth.

Sam Waterhouse from Divine and Delicious has been offering a service like this for a while and it’s proved pretty popular with many families who simply don’t always have the time to cook.

“The main thing I hear from people is ‘I just haven’t got time’ and I get that, totally! We all do. I don’t have time to clean so I outsource that and other jobs I just can’t fit in. But people often feel really guilty about admitting that they have mo time to cook at certain points in their life and I remind them that they shouldn’t. I point out that getting help with meals is just the same as getting help to clean – sometimes you need to outsource the work and that’s fine, it’s a good thing.”

Something like the Fridge and Freezer fill service could be a lifeline for a new mum who is struggling, or just a lovely helping hand for a family who have just had a baby and really want to be able to enjoy that first week or two, with as few jobs as possible to have to squeeze in. It’s certainly a fantastic gift to receive after a long pregnancy!

It involves a consultation with Sam in which you chat about everything you like, don’t like, about your eating habits and needs and together you’ll devise a really exciting menu. Then you’ll arrange a day for Sam to come to your home and cook up a storm! She’ll cook all of the meals to be stored away and she can show you how to cook them for the future and pass on heaps of tips for making cooking, quicker, easier but keeping it nutritious.

So when it comes to nutrition, what is it that new mums really need?

“The main thing is variety, just like in general really,” says Sam.

“And eating nutrient dense foods, such as salmon, kale, sweet potatoes. That combination, for example is a great meal and is packed with goodness. But, it you eat that all the time, you’re only getting those nutrients, so you have to mix it up. You need to be eating a wide variety. Take breakfast for example, try to have at least 3 different ones on rotation.  I tend to have a spinach omelette, my homemade granola with yogurt and fruit and a smoothie packed with spinach and kale and nut butter, seeds and a good quality protein powder. At the weekends I’ll have salmon and scrambled eggs. I love smoothies – If you drink smoothies for 1 week and then check in on your skin, you should notice a bit of an improvement, particularly with the lines around your eyes as they just get hydrated and plumped out.

“New mums also need plenty of protein and fat. Because you are so tired your body will crave simple carbohydrates and so you’ll reach for the biscuits and cakes – which by the way is OK, don’t beat yourself up – but try to fill up on good fats like avocado, nuts and fish for example and protein from good meat and fish and beans to help keep you from feeling too hungry and giving in too easily to the less healthy snacks, because they won’t help your energy levels.”

The Fridge and Freezer fill is devised to make sure that the meals you end up with give you a really satisfying variation and have all the nutrients you need as you navigate mum-hood!

And of course, once those hazy early days are over, you’ll begin to notice how your body has fared physically. Aches and pains might point to bad postuere habits that have crept in over the pregnancy period, or maybe a weaker core and pelvic floor. Combining exercise and nutrition will give you the best results when it comes to feel stronger and more lively, helping your body to fuel your every day life as well as your workouts.

As part of the package, a phone consultation will take place and you’ll be sent some personalised exercises to help get you on the right track. Ten daily exercises which can easily be done at home will be provided and those combined with eating well will give your mind and body a really great boost.

To book a Fridge and Freezer Fill click here or find out a bit more here. And of course, give us a shout if there’s anything you’d like to ask.








New mums need good food and we're here to help - Jelly Belly PT