27th November 2016

Oh Monday, how we love to hate you.

You’re the beginning and yet the end, you’re such a prickly contradiction.

But we’ve decided to make you great. That’s the thing about you Monday, you’re not the boss. You’re just a day, like any other day and we’ve decided that you herald the beginning of a wonderful week full of smiles and laughter, goal smashing and go getting!

Here’s 5 ways to make sure you sit down on Monday night with one hell of a contented feeling.

  1. Take ten


Tell yourself that at some pint today you will take 10 minutes out of your day. Let’s all do this together. And when you do it, try really hard to do nothing. Put the phone away, don’t sit at the computer, don’t call someone. Instead, just be you, with your thoughts. Take time to work through the things on your mind and in turn try to empty it a little. Close your eyes if you can. If you’re at work, take a walk around the block, sit on a bench, in a park, on the high street, wherever. If you’re at home with a baby, make a mindful 10 minutes a priority when baby naps. If you work from home, put your coat on maybe and go to the garden, or walk around the block for 10 minutes.

2. Make a food plan


This is a great way to try to work out what foods you are eating that are doing you no favours and to try to factor in some healthy snacks and meals. If you can, plan your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for the week. This will be a great guide to stick to and should stop you reaching for quick fix lunches and snacks if you prep and think ahead a little. If you can’t plan out a whole week, but you know what your weakness is, then plan around that. For example, make a snack plan – ensure you have a fridge full of nutritious snacks so you don’t reach for the biscuits! If you need a head start, or a little help in that area check out our new Fridge and Freezer Fill service. We’ve teamed up with the brilliant Sam Waterhouse from Divine and Delicious to bring our clients a package that delivers top notch nutrition with expert fitness advice.


3. Play

The baby wants to play but you need to get stuff done. In fact you could cry you have so much to do. And if your little ones aren’t babies then there’s the school run rush and the after school cooking and organising for the next day. We absolutely know that those jobs have to get done, but Monday will end so much better if you give up the juggling act, let a few plates fall and get down on the floor and just play for a bit. Build that block tower with the baby, watch him giggle and his eyes widen with happiness that you are joining in. Play on the computer game, be rubbish at it, get laughed at. Do some colouring (so therapeutic!), make a cake, do a puzzle, have a pillow fight, chase them around. Just play. You will all be so happy and what else is there, really?

4. Exercise (obviously!)

Go on. The first step is the hardest and you will nit regret it. The Jelly Belly PT Outdoor Class is on today at 1.30pm in Peckham Rye Park. Come along!! Or check out what you could book into for this evening. Just a walk, with or without the buggy will do you wonders. Do it with a friend or simply choose to walk somewhere you’ve never been before. If you’ve attended our Postnatal Restore Course previously, dig out the exercises you would have been emailed and take yourself through them. Give yourself a pre Christmas treat of signing up to some classes, or drop some hints to your partner about how Santa could deliver a kick ass personal trainer.

5) Have an early night

Not just any early night, but a gorgeous, luxurious one. Change your bed sheets, make it as comfy as possible. Add those extra pillows, take up an extra blanket or throw. Make up a hot water bottle. Treat yourself to some in-bed snacks  – maybe a bowl of cool, fresh fruit, some dark chocolate and a warm drink. Dig out that book you’ve been meaning to read and just hunker down real early. You need it and deserve it and there is no better night for it than a Monday.


How to make Monday amazing - Jelly Belly PT