5th January 2017

The dawning of a new year inevitably leads to thoughts of how to better ourselves and improve our lives for the year ahead.

That’s great, but how are you planning on getting through today? And after that, how will you end tomorrow on a good note?

Planning for the next 12 months is a nice idea but motherhood and pregnancy are unpredictable beasts and the best laid plans can be derailed by babies, demanding toddlers and movement limiting, back-crippling bumps!

We think that taking stock just a little bit, every day might be a much better way to ensure you focus on you in a manageable, little and often kind of way.

As a mum, you’ve got to keep going, no matter what, so you need to be well oiled for that. You need to be in good nick, as much as you can and so making a plan to be good to yourself every day really is key.

We’ve all made the mistake of making big grand plans to change ourselves, our bodies or our lives and then realising, slowly that we’re really not chipping away at that plan at all.

That’s often because we kind of forget about having some balance and seeing our goal as part of the bigger picture. Whether you want to drop a dress size, tone up, work on that jelly belly, or overhaul your diet, you’ve got to take that goal in the context of your entire life and look at the windows you have to make it a reality. You can sign up to a demanding exercise regime, but will you really have time for it?

Instead, making a mental note to find  a small window to focus on you at least once every day and give your body the love and nurturing it needs, might be the way forward.

You don’t always have to be tied down to a regime that makes you feel anxious or just feels like something else you need to ‘fit in’. You are doing enough. What you need is some time each day for you, that makes you happy.

If you’re pregnant but you’re keen to keep up your fitness this year then find a group or a trainer that fits around you. As you get more tired and less mobile, it’s not always the best idea to be rushing to get to a class that you’ve booked on your busiest day, or at a time that causes other issues, such as you needing childcare for a sibling. Don’t rush – take your time and look for something that will really work for you. Pick the best time and day and something you’ll get the most benefit from. Remember to tell yourself that you need to do an enjoyable activity BECAUSE it makes you feel good and happy and NOT because you feel you should be doing it.

If your body is recovering from birth, again, don’t feel the pressure to exercise because you feel you should be. Remember that this is your time to repair and restore. Our bodies need a long time to recover, there’s no quick fix. Your daily focus on you might be making sure you have some nutritious snacks to make it through the day. Another day might include a relaxing postnatal class that you and baby can enjoy together and another day might include a nap. It’s these daily steps and commitments to giving yourself snippets of attention, however small, that will stand your body and very importantly your mind in good stead for a healthy year ahead.

Wherever you are on your motherhood journey, you can only take it one day at a time. Make each one count in some small way, for you and the rest will follow.







Make every day count, one day at a time - Jelly Belly PT