13th October 2016

The clocks go back in the UK in a couple of weeks and winter workouts will be in full swing so how do you stay motivated? Maybe an exercise buddy is the answer.

A buddy is always good in any situation but having one that you can depend on to help keep you striving for your fitness goals is a great idea. And of course the lovely thing is that you’ll be doing the same for them.

As much as we love to rave about it, we know that exercise can be a lonely old business. It’s easy to listen to that voice in your head telling you to give up and go home to your warm sofa.

In winter, there’s no denying that the fight gets even harder. It’s dark at 4pm, it’s cold and pretty often it’s wet too.

Everybody’s motivation dips – alright plummets! So, don’t fight the fight on your own. Find a buddy to go into battle with.

Maybe you have a good mate who you know is a bit like you – keen to stay fit but could easily slip. You guys should definitely pair up. Ask her (or him!)

But, an exercise buddy doesn’t have to be someone you have known for ages. In fact, teaming up with someone you don’t know too well might actually be a good idea because you’ll be less likely to cry off from arrangements.

Getting together with someone to exercise might seem a little bit obvious but we know it’s the kind of thing you think of doing now and again but don’t get around to. But there’s so many reasons to go for it and buddy up. It’s not just about having someone who is relying on you to turn up (though that IS important) but it’s about helping you to change things up, keep things fun and not getting stuck in a rut.


But first up, if it’s not an established friend, how do you find someone to exercise with? We know it can take a little confidence, but just ask – what’s the worst that can happen? If you already attend an exercise group there’s bound to be other women there who need support to work out more. Get chatting and get asking if anyone fancies coming to the park for an extra workout. You can meet in the day time with babies, have a walk and devise a little bench work out. If you attend Jelly Belly classes, our lovely trainers will be more than happy to give you tips.

Many of us belong to Facebook groups, local pages, Food and fitness pages and even local discussion forums so why not post looking for an exercise buddy? If you do choose that option, meet for a coffee and a little chat about your goals or reasons for exercising first.

Another great reason for having a fitness buddy is that it can really help take the anxiety out of turning up to new classes alone. There’s never any reason to feel nervous, but we absolutely get that the majority of people do. Turning up with someone else helps alleviate that.

Another plus is that you can surprise each other with new activities. Even if you have a regular class that you attend together, a great idea is to take it in turns to book into something new now and again without telling the other person what it is. There are plenty of classes that are pay as you go and this way you can try out a wide variety of activities.


Working out as a duo (or a group) helps make outdoor exercise more fun, especially when it’s rainy and cold. Agree that it’s OK to get wet and muddy for a start, in fact, have a competition to see who gets muddiest! Give those kids of yours a run for their money. Jump over puddles, or jump in them, whatever works.

Or could you stay indoors? If you have a bit of space each, you might take it in turns to go over to each other’s place – either with sleeping babies, toddlers and toys, or in the evening when babies are in bed (hopefully). You can have a floor based routine you do together, choose a DVD to follow or speak to Jelly Belly PT about a bespoke Anytime, Anywhere programme for you to follow.

Getting fit and sticking to your goals takes mental strength and will power and you do need support. What better support could there be than a friend with the same goals who understands how difficult it can be to achieve them?

We’ll be having a Jelly Belly meet up at Dulwich Park Cafe On Thursday 3rd November at 11am – after our 10am Outdoor Class. Come along and join us for a cuppa. 


Is it time to find an exercise buddy who can help keep you on track?