8th February 2016
Here at Jelly Belly we wanted to introduce you to a mum-to-be who we think is pretty inspiring!
Panna Sehmi, from South West London, is 33 weeks pregnant with twins and has been doing one-to-one training sessions with Kellie Moore.
Kellie has been so impressed with Panna’s positive attitude towards staying fit and healthy in pregnancy and with the level of fitness she has been able to keep up with.
Remember though, exercising when pregnant is all down to how you feel and it’s important to remember to listen to your body and not push yourself. If you feel you can manage a walk or gentle swim then great, just do that. Stick to low impact exercise and workouts that compliment and support the changes in your body. If you’re not sure, seek out pregnancy specific classes.
In the mean time read how Panna has managed to keep up with her fitness routine with the help of Jelly Belly and let’s send her lots of lovely wishes for the birth of her twins!
Panna at 30 weeks pregnant

Panna at 30 weeks pregnant

“I was quite a fitness fanatic prior to falling pregnant. I worked out pretty much everyday doing Les Mills body combat, body attack, circuit training and body pump so I was quite worried about how I would keep up my fitness in pregnancy.

As a doctor myself I was aware of all the guidelines but they always change and with a twin pregnancy the guidelines tend to vary depending on the type (my twins share the same placenta hence blood supply so there was a risk that one would take all the nutrients whilst the other suffered).

Given my age I was worried about getting gestational diabetes too. This is unfortunately more common in twin pregnancies as well. I had focused so hard on keeping fit for so long and it became part of my life so I won’t lie, I was in a bit of a panic. I realised I would have to modify things just for comfort if nothing else.

My first trimester was a disaster with vomiting and nausea. Until I found some anti-sickness medication that worked I didn’t have the energy or will to work out despite really wanting to.

Once the medication worked I found Kellie and after my 12-week scan she came over and we started straight away. I loved the name Jelly Belly. It immediately appealed and seemed like something I would enjoy.

Kellie is amazing because for a start, she’s pregnant herself and looks fabulous which is so inspiring! She quickly gauged my fitness level and gave me exercises I hadn’t done before. I must admit, after the first session I could barely walk and it felt good because it was like all these muscles lay there dormant and she had woken them up! Her approach was friendly but challenging and practical.

As well as my Jelly Belly sessions I also used the cross trainer and treadmill at home. I had done yoga before pregnancy so I bought some DVD’s for antenatal yoga too.

Once I got my confidence back I tried to return to a few classes and thought I could modify them but in an environment where people compete to jump the highest, kick the highest etc it didn’t feel like I was doing myself justice so I accepted that perhaps it was time for a new approach and I stuck with Kellie and my home gym.

I try to do something everyday. I see Kellie once a week and the other days I walk briskly on the treadmill and use the cross trainer and do some yoga. Kellie has also given me some exercises to do which I create a session out of.

I must say I have not had any pelvic pain, lower back pain either. My blood pressure and sugar levels have been normal too. Knowing that I’m doing something positive for my mind and body has kept me motivated and seeing Kellie progress in her pregnancy and look so healthy really has inspired me.

I am surprised because I thought it would be an up-hill struggle and that I would lose motivation but it has been the opposite. I haven’t gained much weight this pregnancy. My arms and legs are still toned and I’ve definitely noticed the benefits!”

'I was so worried about how to stay fit while carrying twins...then I found Jelly Belly' - Jelly Belly PT