1st September 2016

Those first few weeks after giving birth are a busy, stressful, tiring time – to say the least.

Hopefully most new mums have at least some help on hand, like a supportive partners who makes dinner, a family member who can pick up a few shopping items or a kind friend who brings something home cooked now and then. Some mums don’t, we know that and it’s bloody hard work.

But, even with help, it’s totally normal to eat for convenience here and there, get take out and prop yourself up with snacks. That’s just the way it goes, it’s life and you need to take it easy in those early days and weeks.

But sooner or later your thoughts will turn to looking after yourself a bit better and the question of how to start feeling a bit healthier when you have very little time to cook or exercise, or frankly do anything much for yourself.

We’re really passionate about helping new (and not so new!) mums feel good and we want to make it as easy as possible too.

After years of working with new mums we know that moving well and eating well are the two key ingredients to helping get back on the road to fitness – in mind, body and soul. Most of the questions we’re asked revolve around how to exercise effectively and eat nutritionally – be it for weight loss or energy or both so we decided to hold a fun workshop in a bid to pass on some of our knowledge. All women want to eat well and would love to fit in more exercise – that’s a no brainer – but so many of us just don’t know how. We know that if you have lots of tips and tricks for quick, easy meals and know a bit more about how to safely and effectively fix your body, you’re far more likely to feel inspired and succeed.

Our Move Well, Eat Well event has been created by Jelly Belly PT’s Kellie Moore as a chance for new mums to get together in a fun, friendly environment to be inspired to make changes and take away lots of really great, practical tips on post baby exercise and nutrition.

As Kellie explains: “I’m really keen to talk about some of the issues I get asked about the most, as I know that sometimes, it’s the small things that stop us achieving our goals. Things such as ‘what should I eat when?’ So I’ve brought on board amazing nutritionist Sam Waterhouse from Divine&Delicious to bring you lots of insight into that area and inspire us all to eat well. The best bit is that Sam will of course be cooking up some of her recipes and we’ll get to eat them.

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“Lots of people also say they struggle to find time to prepare food for themselves when they’re busy feeding everyone else, so we’re going to show you how you can do it easily. And of course we’re often asked what exercises can be done at home, so I’m going to give some simple take home exercises that can be done in 20 minutes whilst baby sleeps or is just chilling out next to you.
“I also know that lots of new mums worry about how to safely exercise their core, and if they don’t, then I am really keen to show them some effective exercises that are kind to the abdominals – there won’t be a crunch or plank in sight – these can potentially cause further problems if you have some abdominal separation).
“I really want to talk about how having a baby doesn’t mean waving goodbye to your old gym and healthy routine. Most mums talk about how active they used to be and how well they used to eat pre-pregnancy. We want to inspire you to get there again without the up hill battle. Having a baby is life changing but you are still the same person who needs looking after first and foremost. If you’re low in energy and lacking motivation, looking after a baby is going to feel that little bit harder. A happy mum equals happy family all round!”


Many of us are of course already making a big effort to exercise and eat well and we might think we’re doing a great job of it. But there’s no harm in checking and even if you had your baby a while ago – our event is for mums at any stage in their motherhood journey – you might still be in need of some inspiration to get back to where you were pre-baby.

Kellie says: “We often think we’re eating well and exercising with plenty of running around after our children but do we really know what we’re consuming on a daily basis and is the exercise helping our posture and core? A little thought and specific attention to both can often make the difference we’re looking for.”


Our event is coming up really soon and there are some discounted tickets available.

We really hope you can come along and enjoy a fun, informative and inspiring few hours with us.

How to move well and eat well after having a baby - Jelly Belly PT