22nd June 2016

Motivation is a tricky old thing isn’t it?

You’re either brimming with the stuff or you’re really struggling to find a drop and the slightest excuse is enough to make you not bother with your exercise regime. And it’s like anything in life, the less you do it, the less you want to. Before you know it you’re just not exercising at all.

We know that motivation is a slippery thing but you have to keep a tight grip on it. It is the biggest part of the battle for results. So…

Don’t let the weather get in the way of your goals

The great British summer is letting us down a little at the moment but rain is absolutely no barrier to continuing your fitness. Wrap baby up, get that rain cover on him and get out there. Don’t be worried about getting wet. Embrace it. If you attend a group like our Outdoor Class make friends, swap numbers and reassure your exercise buddies that you’ll be there come rain or shine. You can laugh at each other as rain drips off your nose and you can congratulate each other for keeping up the motivation, over a coffee afterwards.

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You will never regret a workout

When you really feel like you can’t be bothered remind yourself of this one golden truth. You will never regret making the effort to work out. You can absolutely rest assured that if you push aside your negative thoughts and get out there, you will feel great, you’ll feel that you’ve accomplished something and you’ll be really proud that you didn’t listen to that voice that told you not to bother.

You won’t see results if you keep giving up

Harsh but true. Dipping in and out of your exercise regime will never get you to where you want to be. Consistency is the key. Keep going, even when you really don’t want to.

Throw away negative thoughts

Try this exercise. When that negative voice creeps in, imagine taking those thoughts and physically putting them into your hands. Then take your hands and act out ‘screwing’ them up into a ball. Then take that ball and throw it away from yourself as hard as you can. It can really help you to banish that destructive inner voice.

Just say ‘Stop’

Another good mental trick for silencing thoughts of not bothering with exercise is to say ‘stop’. When your mind begins to waiver tell it to stop and make an effort to get on with your exercise quickly before those pesky thoughts creep back!

Find a compelling reason to keep going

If you have a reason to keep up with your fitness that really pulls at your conscience, it can help you to keep going. Maybe you want to be a good role model and show your kids that healthy living is a way of life. Maybe you have made a promise to someone you love. You could set a goal and set up a charity fund raising page to help you reach it. Whatever it is, make it something that you don’t want to let yourself down over.

Endless stopping, means endless starting all over again

Every time you stop exercising for a few weeks you have to go through the effort and mental stress of starting all over again. If you stop stopping, you can stop starting. You’ll never really get out of the starting blocks if you don’t keep going. Your fitness levels won’t develop, because you’re always having to start all over again. Giving into flaky motivation keeps you at beginner level for good. And we know you really want to be a pro.

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WORDS: Penny Stretton




Don't let your motivation slip away for good - Jelly Belly PT