23rd February 2018

What is the perfect body? It used to be a phrase that was thrown around a lot and usually conjured up one particular image.

But we all know the The Perfect Body doesn’t exist. There is no one image to strive for, no one size fits all. And even if there was, how right would it be for you? You can buy a one size fits all sweater but is it your colour? Does it suit your personality? Is it practical for your every day life?

Your perfect body is a body that works well for you.

Women’s bodies are pushed to their limits and despite their accomplishments, no matter the amazing feats they perform, the fact that every day they keep going, keep pushing onĀ  – they’re still derided and often by their owner.

Motherhood can put the biggest strain on a woman’s body, not only through pregnancy and birth but through the sheer hard work it has to do while bringing up babies and children.

Now, more than ever your body needs to work for you and your lifestyle.

It’s no secret that postnatal mums can feel down about the look and feel of the body they have after carrying a child.

No matter how much we know it’s completely normal for our bodies to change, often dramatically, that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to feel negatively, at times, about that.

It’s fantastic if you don’t and you’re able to look upon your new body as the glorious powerhouse that it is.

And it’s also okay to feel that you would like to change your body a little, in time.

But make that change for you. How about make it because you feel your body doesn’t work the way you need it to and not because an outdated image says your body doesn’t look the way it should.

Aim for a body that is perfect for you and not the traditional image of a perfect body.

If you spend your days in a bikini, lounging around on the sand with the waves lapping your limbs and you’d like to look like a bikini model for this reason, then that’s cool. That sounds like the perfect body for you.

Motherhood demands so much of us physically and mentally, so as we approach exercise post baby it’s a great idea to ask ourselves what we demand from our body and what we might like it to be better at.

It may be that aches and pains left over from pregnancy are hampering your day-to-day life. A weak core, pelvic floor and joints will make your motherhood journey more difficult so fixing these so that you can enjoy being physically active for longer means you are creating a body that is working perfectly for you.

Many mums notice, as their children grow and they’re forced to carry them, along with shopping, scooters and all that mum stuff, that they feel weak. They’d like to be stronger so that all that lifting and carrying isn’t quite so taxing? Focussing on building strength will really improve your ability to handle all that life throws your way.

If running around after your toddler, crawling around on the floor and general play leaves you a bit breathless and cuts those activities short, you could simply focus on exercise that builds your fitness and means you are nurturing a body that can keep going a bit longer.

As you ponder how you might work on your body. know this: Your body is the perfect body for you.

It has everything! It might just need a little bit of help to help you enjoy your life.


By Penny Stretton





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