6th October 2016

We know what you’re thinking – you’re pregnant and you just want to relax.

Well, that’s cool because exercise is a lot about relaxing anyway – especially when you’re pregnant – so you can do both!

Of course, pregnancy is probably not the best time to decide to begin something grueling but there is absolutely no reason why, even if you have never exercised before, you shouldn’t start now. It’s actually a really great time to begin working out.

Here’s why:

  1. It’s the perfect excuse to start slowly

If you’ve never been that into fitness the way your friends or colleagues seem to be then pregnancy really might be a great time to find something that you enjoy. This is particularly true if you have often found the idea of committing to something hardcore a bit off putting! You’ve had to find plenty of excuses to fend off Tough Mudder or couch 2 10k challenges – why does nobody ever just want a gentle swim these days?

Pregnancy means you can look for a class or activity that isn’t too full on. You can do the gentle swim, or a really great pilates based class or book a trainer who specialises in pregnancy fitness and won’t have you running miles and performing burpees in the mud while shouting at you. This is your chance to check out some of the more gentle options that will still really help to tone and strengthen your body throughout pregnancy and beyond. You can start by committing to an evening or weekend walk while you research options.

2.You could make some great friends

Often we make mum friends after baby is born or at more traditional meeting places such as antenatal classes – but admit it – sometimes these can feel a little forced. Plenty of people do find genuine connections of course but sometimes you sort of shoe horn yourself into new friendships that don’t really do it for you.

So, a pregnancy exercise class could be the perfect place to meet ¬†women in the same boat but in a less in your face, ooh let’s be friends because we’re pregnant kind of situation.



3. Being fitter will aid labour



Labour takes a lot of energy and a lot of strength. You will use all of your muscles in all of your body. You will get through it but many women report feeling stronger and more capable when they have kept up with regular exercise. It’s a no brainer that preparing your body for its biggest job so far should do some good.

4. You can try something you might have never bothered with otherwise

Rather than being someone who has never exercised before you might be a fitness junkie, even an adrenaline junkie! If you love high impact, hard slog sports and endurance events then you might never have given more gentler workouts a go. So, now is the time. Try something you’ve previously turned your nose up at – you might be very surprised.

5. You’ll have a head start on that post baby body

If you’re new to fitness, or even if you’ve just had a break – finding the motivation to exercise post baby can be really hard. There is no rush whatsoever. But if you have kept your fitness levels up throuhout your pregnancy then you certainly wont find it quite as difficult when you do decide you would like to work out. It feels good when you push yourself at that first workout post baby and you think ‘that wasn’t so bad’ – because your commitment to fitness early on is paying off.

6. It will help aleviate pregnancy aches and pains

This is a big one. You can really help yourself to feel better during pregnancy if you exercise. Doing moves that help stretch out your back and shoulders for example can do wonders and you’ll be really thankful for the release. In turn regular exercise after the first trimester will help your muscles to become stronger and this should help to ward off back pain and other issues later on.


7. It will give you a chance to switch off

Pregnancy is a stressful time. You have many concerns and worries. You’re tired and you’re juggling a lot. Not only that, you can think of nothing else but baby related issues. It’s easy to think that you will switch off by lying in front of the sofa, watching TV. But, it’s not that easy – the phone keeps beeping with people asking about baby, about bump and about how you’re feeling. You scour Facebook and end up messaging friends about it on there too and you get frustrated because you can’t get comfy anyway.

An exercise class gives you the perfect opportunity to truly switch off for an hour. No phones, no annoying questions – just a brilliant instructor and a space to unwind and relax.


We’d love you to make us part of your pregnancy fitness journey. Check out our Pregnancy Fit class options or get in touch to find out how we can help and advise.

7 reasons pregnancy is a really good time to take up exercise