20th October 2016

It’s pretty chilly all of a sudden and we know that when night falls, the kids are in bed and the heating is on, home is really the only place you want to be.

But the place you need to be is outside, getting fit or keeping up the fitness level you’ve worked so hard for all summer.

So how do  you do it? Even if your fitness routine only involves going outside once a week, just how do you push yourself out of that front door into a frosty morning or icy night?

Get the right kit

Stop trying to go out to exercise in your summer workout kit. The thin t shirts can be folded away now. It’s time to get serious. And it’s time to get shopping. Invest in good winter workout kit and you’ll have a good winter work out! (Did we really just say that?). First of all, layer up because as long as you’re working hard enough, you will get warm even if it’s freezing. Go for a vest, a t-shirt and a fitted zip up jacket or a wind breaker maybe. This means you can take one off if need be. Get yourself gloves and a hat that are specially designed for exercise and make sure your trainers are up to scratch. All those wet leaves out there are slippy!

Stay alert

It’s dark if you’re exercising in the morning or evening so you might want to think a little bit more carefully about where and how you work out. Stick to well lit areas where there is likely to still be other people around. Head for parks or areas where other people tend to exercise at those times too. If you’re wearing headphones try to keep the volume low and make sure you’re aware of what’s going on around you.

Be wary of your footing in winter weather and don’t push it too hard. Embrace the colder workouts – if only to make sure you really revel in the spring and summer ones when they come back around.

Get a PT

Hear us out. Your personal trainer will be brilliant at making sure you stay motivated throughout winter and that you don’t let your fitness levels slip to the point that you have to start all over again come spring. When it’s cold outside you need to hit the ground running and you really need someone to help you see it through to the end. The direction from your PT will help take your mind off the weather immediately and the structure and conversation will ensure your thoughts don’t keep wandering to your warm sofa. Then before you know it, the session will be over, you will have done a great work out and you’ll be thrilled about it.

Choose a group class


You don’t have to be all lonesome out there on your own in the cold. There’s nothing like a bit of camaraderie to get you through a tough winter workout. We love to advocate that you try new things but when it comes to winter you might want to stick to something familiar so as not to add in any other barriers to getting out there. So, if you have a winter class you’ve tried before and you know the drill, go back and make it stick for the season. If not, then of course you’ll need to start something new, but maybe try a couple of classes and see which is most likely to drag you out into the cold every week.

Reward yourself


Simple but effective. Treat yourself to something immediately after you return home so you know that it’s ready and waiting. How about a new pair of winter warming PJs to curl up in? A deep, hot bubble bath maybe? Or go for some dark chocolate with your warming cuppa. Another great incentive is to plan to watch an episode of whichever box set you’re currently into, after your exercise session. You could of course do all the above. Just don’t let winter get in the way of your goals.


WORDS: Penny Stretton




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