26th May 2016

How often do you look in the mirror and say ‘I love my body’?

You should do because…

Little people might be listening

You want your kids to grow up with a healthy body image so you need to have one too. Boys and girls need to hear their mums (and dads!) talk about how amazing their bodies are – so that they know what amazing body looks like. If they’re by your side, look in that mirror and smile. If they ask why your boobies are a bit droopy, tell them it’s because that’s what boobies look like! If they say your bum is too big, too small, too flat or too round tell them yes it is and you are super proud of it!

Positive talk = Positive Walk

Every time you tell yourself you hate your body, or a particular bit of it, you’re just wallowing in a negative mindset. Of course it’s fine to want to get fitter and stronger. But guess what, we hate to say it but you’ve kind of gotta love yourself before you can really smash those fitness goals. So tell your body you love it and give it some TLC. Don’t make getting fit a punishment to a body that you think you hate, make it a promise to be kinder to a body that you love.

Your body will do what you ask of it

That body of yours will push itself beyond what you thought it was capable of if you let it. It will do whatever you ask it to. It will do whatever you help it to. Don’t punish your body because your ┬ámind is misbehaving. Work those muscles and they will follow your command. Trust us, that body of yours is super loyal if you treat it right. Your mind and body are a great team.

Nobody else sees your body the way you do

There’s a really good chance that nobody has ever even noticed the bits of your body that you feel you would like to change. And if they have, they probably think those bits are gorgeous. Your partner more than likely thinks you’re beautiful and just wishes you could see yourself the way he or she does. There will be lots of things about you and your body that somebody else would kill for. None of us know how other people really see us, but most of the time it certainly isn’t the way our minds have us believe. And also, the fact is, nobody else is taking any notice of the bits you’re hung up on, because they’re too busy worrying about their own hang ups!

It has given you so much

You know that thing that everyone always says about how you should be proud of your mum bod because you grew a baby, earned those stripes, blah, blah, blah….well yeah, THAT. Your body grew a whole person and now you say you hate bits of it.

OK, so your muscles stopped being so firm, you laid down some fat, your boobs went a funny shape, but would you swap your beautiful child for your pre baby body back? Nope, no you would not. So, love the skin you’re in and just make a promise to help it back to fitness as best you can. That’s real life.





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