11th April 2016

It will be easier to get back into it post baby

‘keeping up with your exercise regime during pregnancy does wonders for your confidence postnatally,’ says Jelly Belly trainer Zoe Baggi. ‘When you are tired, hormonal and feeling a bit physically wrecked it is much less daunting returning to exercise if you have managed to keep it up with bump, plus there’s a good chance that you will be in better shape because of it so getting back to your desired level of fitness won’t be as hard.’

Helps you manage excess weight gain

Some weight gain is expected but you don’t need to eat for two and even if you do feel more peckish, staying active will help to balance that out. ‘If you know you are eating more calories than you are using, then try to match the amount of energy you take in, with the amount you put out,’ says Jelly Belly founder Kellie Moore.

Keeps you mobile and can lessen aches and pains

Exercise helps to strengthen and stretch your muscles and this can help your body to cope with the stresses of pregnancy. Stretching can help ease back pain and walking improves circulation. Try to make exercise part of your everyday life and if you’re not used to being active start slowly. A gentle swim is great exercise. Ask a professional for advice and feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to stay active but aren’t sure how.


Helps prepare the body for labour

Put simply, doing very little exercise before heading into labour is a lot like doing no training before running a marathon. Labour is an arduous task that pushes your body to its limits, so try to give it some prep.

Makes you feel good

Pregnancy introduces you to a whole world of thoughts, feelings and doubts (as well as loads of excitement and happiness of course!) but if you feel low at any point remember that getting your heart pumping works wonders. It releases those endorphins (lovely things that they are). Going for a nice long walk, or attending your regular pregnancy fitness class will make you feel good and usually more energised.

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Find out about our Pregnancy Fit classes and One-to-One training and please feel free to get in touch with us here at Jelly Belly if you feel we can help.


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