Often exercise videos are generalised and don’t take in to account your specific needs. You may be pregnant and are experiencing pelvic pain, or have just had your baby and have c-section discomfort, abdominal separation, a prolapse, pelvic floor issues, sore joints or all of the above?! This is where we like to do things differently! We believe that every pregnancy and birth is unique and so your workout should be too.

After completing our questionnaire we will arrange a 30 minute Skype or phone consultation with you to go through exactly what your needs are and what you are looking to get out of your workouts.

We will then customise a workout for you where you will receive your very own private video. It is just like a workout DVD except the exercises are chosen just for you. We will also be available for email support, nutritional help and guidance.

You can then request as many workouts as you like, progressing the exercises as you progress. The cost per workout is £25.

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Members receive customised workouts to do at home, nutrition help and advice as well as being able to track your progress.


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