Every pregnancy is unique and different so it is important to listen to your body and decide what makes you feel good when it comes to exercise.


Reconnect with your body, using safe and effective exercise to feel strengthened, realigned, invigorated and a little more like you.


Fun outdoor classes with other mums to strengthen, tone the body, improve pelvic floor activation, core stability and function.

Post-Natal Restore

Post-natal mum and baby classes with a focus on posture, pelvic floor function, abdominal healing and c-section recovery, giving you the confidence to get active again.


Customised online workouts designed for you and your individual needs.

Pregnancy Fit

Exercise classes to support women during their pregnancy, preparing the body for each trimester, birth and beyond.


One to One

NCT Groups

Post-Natal Restore

Outdoor Classes

Pregnancy Fit

Anytime, Anywhere


Members receive customised workouts to do at home, nutrition help and advice as well as being able to track your progress.


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